Your pool, whether it be commercial or residential, should resemble a small piece of a tropical paradise. If you’ve had your pool for a few years now or if you just want to spice it up a bit, remodeling your pool is the perfect way to spruce up your surrounding space. At Rock Star Pools, we are your number one company for all things pool remodeling. From waterfalls and fountains to personal tiki bars and barbecues, we’ve got you covered. You may have seen some of our work featured in Trump Towers, Imperial Palace Casino, even on MTV’s “Cribs” where we won “Pool of the Year.” Our team is dedicated to bringing you that “wow” factor all while giving you the best quality within a timely period. No job is too big or too small for us, call us today at (844)-292-5613. But now, let’s see some of the top ways that you can remodel your pool! 

New Finishes and Interiors

If you’ve ever remodeled your home, you know that replacing old carpet with new wood floors can truly make your home feel brand new. Well, the same goes for your pool interior! If you’ve had your pool for a while, it’s most likely become older looking through normal wear and tear, or if its outside, the sun and wind can really do some damage to the finish. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Pebble finishes:
    • Most stain-resistant material
    • Most durable 
    • Can last 12-20 years with proper care 
  • Glass Tile 
    • Elegant 
    • Adds sparkle and color 
  • Custom environment
    • Create your own pool environment with various materials chosen by you! 
    • Give your pool a look as unique as you  

Personal Touches 

At Rock Star Pools we give you the power to make your pool just the way you want. With built-in tikis, barbecues, firepits, and bar tops, your pool is guaranteed to be the talk of the town. Adding a personal feature like these allows you and your guests to enjoy a resort-style pool. This can also add to the landscaping around the area in which your pool is surrounded by. We can even add bridges and rock coping, which are perfect if you’ve got children visiting you.  



If you’re looking to add a more relaxing touch to your home, adding custom massage jets or jets with air blowers may be the perfect addition. Give yourself the relaxation you deserve with the click of a button. 



If you haven’t read our last blog post, it outlines all the benefits that adding a waterfall to your pool can bring. Waterfalls are a great way to utilize your landscaping and help filter your water. They can also help raise the selling price of your home or building if you’re ever selling it. 

At Rock Star Pools, we’ve been building resort-styled environments for over two decades. Our original and custom designs provide our clients with the pool of their dreams. We take our work seriously, which is why you won’t find any company as good as ours. Click here to view a full list of all our services. We can’t wait to hear from you!