We all know that waterfalls are incredibly beautiful to look at, but other than the aesthetic appeal they have so many other great benefits. In this blog, we will be specifically looking at the mental benefits that waterfalls can bring. Many times, when we think of waterfalls, we think of them in natural landscapes. However, waterfalls can be easily integrated into your own home. At Rock Star Pools, we specialize in all types of custom pool building and remodeling and that includes waterfalls! So, let’s take a look at how the addition of a waterfall can boost your mental well-being. 


Reduces Stress 

We’d all love to live a stress-free life, right? Well, while living a stress-free life may be nearly impossible, you can greatly reduce your stress with the addition of a waterfall. If you’ve ever been to some type of spa or listened to some relaxing music, the sound of running water is usually prevalent. This isn’t just a coincidence. In fact, studies have shown that the sound of running water can drastically decrease a person’s stress levels. It’s also been shown that the constant motion of running water can have a relaxing effect. No matter if you’re visually looking at the waterfall or just simply relaxing to the sound of it, you’ll find your stress levels decreasing. 

Better Respiration

Typically we see waterfalls in natural landscapes. They’re surrounded with fresh air, and if you live in an urban environment, that can feel as if it’s hard to come by. While a man-made waterfall may not bring the same type of fresh air, being around a waterfall can still help your lungs get that deep breath of fresh air that you’ve been craving. It can also help encourage you to spend some time outside, which is something we can all benefit from! 

Brings People Together 

We tend to congregate around spaces that we’re drawn to, especially when they help give us those natural endorphins we’re constantly searching for. The addition of a waterfall to your outdoor space can be a great way to get you and your guests outside. Not only is this great for your lungs, but it’s also great to establish better social connections with people. 


Can Promote Exercise 

Waterfalls are a great way to help promote outdoor exercise, especially if you’re building a waterfall that is going to attach to your pool. Adding a waterfall that is safely accessible to climb is a great way to get yourself up and moving. While this is a great way to promote exercise for all ages, it’s a great way to encourage your children to get outside. Get them off the screens, and get them jumping into the pool. They’ll be burning all that built up energy in a healthy and fun way! Trust us, you’ll be thanking us later, Mom and Dad! 


If you’re looking to add a waterfall to your space, contact Rock Star Pools. We’ve had over twenty years of experience in the industry and have even been featured on MTV’s “Cribs”. All of our projects are original and custom-designed to fit your needs and wants. For more information click here. We can’t wait to help you get started!